Use of Services

The use of the Company's Services is conditional upon access either directly or indirectly to the World Wide Web. The User, who is also responsible for supplying any equipment necessary to connect to the World Wide Web, irrespective of form the equipment in question, shall pay any fees connected with that access.

Services properly used

In particular, users use the Services for legitimate purposes only, and shall not use, in violation of law, confidentiality, harmful to children, in breach of intellectual property rights, or otherwise unlawful in the use of the Services. Any person or enterprise impersonates in the use of any Services, obscene or threatening, offensive, defamatory or other materials shall be dealt with legally.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Company does not guarantee that the information or material made accessible to and/or the Users is accurate, content, completeness, legality, reliability or operability, or available. The Company does not guarantee that the information made accessible to and/or by users is correctly communicated, presented or displayed.

The Company excludes, insofar as this is permitted by law, any guarantee relating to the services and in particular it provides no guarantee that it is appropriate for a specific purpose and that proprietary rights, including intellectual property rights are not infringed.

The company does not guarantee the integrity and accuracy of information published on its Website or services offered on or made available via Websites connected to the Website. The Company does not give any warrantees or guarantees.

The Company disclaims any responsibility for its peaceful ownership, titles to this property, structural integrity, general conditions and the surroundings and any other factors that might be liable for any real estate that may be announced on this site.

The Company further disclaims any liability for any damages caused to any user during the use of the Services.

Limitation of Liability

The Company is under no circumstances accountable to any user for any form of damage.


The Company is not liable for any content on the Website or other contents related to the Website. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, copyright mark, compliance or legality of any material in any effort to review it. The Company does not make statements about any effort to review its contents.


The Company owns or controls for these purposes all rights, including copyright, in the contents of the Site. For your own personal non-commercial use, users may only download the contents.

Users are not permitted, without the explicit consent of the Company, to copy, broadcast, download, store (in any form) any part or whole, transmit, exhibit, or play the contents of the Website in any manner whatsoever for any other purpose.

Changes in Terms of Use and Service

For all reasons and notices, including the right to terminate the services supplied by the Company, the company maintains the right to change, modify or modify Services from time to time. The Company also has the right to amend, modify or modify these Terms of Use without prior notification.

Violation of Terms of Use

The Company is free to seek any and all legal and fair remedies against a responsible user, including, without limitation, the termination of the services, in violation of those Terms of Use or any other rights of the Company.

If the Company failed to apply any right or provision in these Terms of Use, this right or provision, or any other rights or provisions of these Terms of Use shall not be waived.