We believe in integrating technology in classrooms so as to have a perfect blend of conventional teaching with modern methodologies to derive higher learning outcome. Mainly we create Digital Classroom environment using our Smart Board, with that Teachers can seamlessly switch between black board and digital content without wasting any time and using the resources efficiently. Interactive smart boards act as perfect platform for teaching online as you can share the screen and write, play videos or give presentations just as in a physical classroom. Thus making it easy for shifting between online and offline classrooms. Interactive Board can be used for writing, highlighting on presentations and videos and can also be used to assess students after every class session. As an add-on we include Digital Video Camera and Audio System and other accessories to create a perfect smart class room. Our smart class also includes learning management solutions.

We have reached a number of milestones that remain a source of pride for the company. We have assisted numerous Indian Educational Institutions in recent years via the creation of an integrated and comprehensive e-learning platform to manage education resources and institutions. We also introduced a second application, Learning Management system, to deal with the unique, complex requirements of higher learning institutions with Smart Schools/Colleges with digital content delivery through learning management system in an effort of not limiting our powerful platform to primary and secondary schools.