Smart Classes

We believe in integrating technology in classrooms so as to have a perfect blend of conventional teaching with modern methodologies to derive higher learning outcome.


We move away from expensive customized technology and old ticketing systems through fast and cost-effective provision of tickets fees as a service to transit agencies and transportation operators.

Transport Management AI

We have experience in complex software solutions for service planning, planning of vehicles and personnel, and business performance analysis.

IoT applications

We get smarter with IoT and can see every activity in real time. IoT has bought more initiative in almost every industries due to technical developments.

Mobile Applications

We develop daring, impressive and distinctive designs to draw more visitors to your company via your mobile app in line with your brand palette. The design of the habit-forming app leads to recurrent behaviors that encourage frequent use of apps.

Energy Management

We provide energy / billing software in our product portfolio. We also contribute fully with their requirements to provide our customers with Renewable Energy Sources Consultancy services.

Water Management system

Our sophisticated methodology and our leading industrial and trade water metres are committed to generating more revenues, detecting leaks and providing more accurate accounting.

Staff Augmentation Solutions

You may access a whole range of IT workers and professionals with SET Infotech Staff Intensification solutions that can give economic help whenever and when you need it.